A skincare

Hand pick your faves to create a tailor made routine at a slashed price! Buy any 3 at 2697 ₹1499

routine picked by YOU.


How to add make your bundle?


Step 01

Select any 3 TrueKind formulations


Step 02

Add them to the cart


Step 03

Pay only Rs. 1499 to achieve your skin goals

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much will the bundle cost?

    You can buy any 3 products from this page for Rs. 1499 only

  • What products can I add to my bundle?

    You can select ANY 3 products from this page only. This offer is not valid on the entire website

  • Can I apply any additional coupons/offers?

    No, you cannot add another offer or coupon with the Build Your Own Bundle offer.

Terms & Conditions

  • Discount applies automatically at checkout; no code is needed.
  • Only 3 items can be added to your bundle.
  • No offers/coupons can be added with the Build Your Own Bundle.
  • Only one bundle can be purchased per order.